How To Control Your Mind by Sandeep Maheshwari

How To Control Your Mind – There are many such people in this world who think positive but do negative and they know that this work is wrong but still do the same thing and they also know that by doing this work we will get into trouble but Still do the same thing.

What is the reason for this? Why do we have to do that work despite knowing it in right and wrong? We well know about the difference between wrong or Right but we always do the wrong thing what is the reason of that.

For example, getting up early in the morning is good for health and mind, but we do not wake up early in the morning. And for this we also advise the people that you should get up on time or whatever is to be done.

It remains etc.When something happens to us and we know very well that it is right, we still do not do it. Read this “How To Control Your Mind ? ” post carefully to find out why this happens with us.

How To Control Your Mind by Sandeep Maheshwari 

We do not do the work in which we are hurt we do what we enjoy. All this happens due to our mind, meaning that the mind is happy, we do that work. How to convince the mind for that work ? That’s right for us, but it’s not fun to do that work. There is Only one way to convince your mind is your intelligence which is helps you to control your mind and body.

Life is like a river in which the war arises. We try to draw the line above the river of life that is impossible. Do you know how the waves rises in the river. The stones are the cause of the waves reduce in the river. so have to draw the line on that stones not on the river. Just Like that Our habits. We can not change our habits by the thinking. For that we have change our nature, our thinking, our mind.

New Quotes  If we want do right things in life so we must changes our bad habits but habits can’t be changed in one day or one months. Habits are made in many years, they can not change in an hour.

If we want to control our Mind so we should do right work which we are very well know about it.  How to control your mind ? here is the answer but we should convince our mind for it by our intelligence.

How To Control Your Mind by Sandeep Maheshwari

For example you have Girlfriend or you Have a mother Both have same body both are lady but why we are different different feeling for them. That Difference comes into our mind by our intelligence. So we should do any work not with our mind. We should do work with our intelligence.

Because our mind changes in nano minutes. But our intelligence can not change in a nano second. Mind can not know the difference between mother and Girlfriend its knowing by our intelligence.

Don't Get Angry

Intelligence is stronger than our mind. we should take decision by our intelligence. if you want better solution. So you should have to watch to this How To Control Your Mind by Sandeep Maheshwari video. Which is embed in this post in Hindi Or English that will be help you to control you mind.

You should have work with your intelligence. we should always think with your intelligence not with your mind. If you doing wrong work so you have think about that work is it good or bad for us.

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